Drinking water school project Kotila 6

period: September 2019

Safe drinking water and sanitation is big problem in Nepal, even 80% of the country population isn´t having access to drinking water yet. Safe drinking water is still a big problem to solve in Nepal, it causes many of the current diseases in the country and besides it affects the everyday life in a lot of areas as water is the most essential part of what our body needs for living.

Where we will get active:

School Name: Shree Dudhe Basic School
Students: 180
Class: from early child education to class 8
Kotila: Village communities 200 plus households
(a remote area in the outback of Nepal, 10 hours driving distance to Kathmandu)
Focusing on: Water and sanitation, health & hygiene awareness campaign, distribution of stationaries
Targeted installation project date by: 22nd – 27th of Septembre 2019

Struggles of School: Drinking Water and Sanitation
Due to water and sanitation problem the school and villagers of Kotila- 6 struggles are critical every day.
Especially the attendance in the school and during menstruation is even worse, as the pipelines from the source is shared with many different villages. The other villages often open the pipelines in the middle way for their daily use to water necessities then join them back after days or a whole week, sometimes even after many weeks… so school students suffer the health, hygiene, water and Sanitation problems everyday.

When the little one have to do their ´big business´ they have go home to do so and they don´t come back afterwards whichis a problem because they are missing the classes every time. Th esam ething withe the femals students when they are having their menstruation. On these days they aren´t joining the school because there is no water to use for their hygenic needs.

That is our reason to interact. We will get active – together with your help – to organise their essentiell needs to save their daily school attends to support their education and their future with it.

After the long research on drinking water accessbility in Kotila-6 Mugu, Karnali, we have decided to bring a solo pipeline and a tank installation to the school of the village community, so that the school and the Kotila-6 village community can access the drinking water everyday.

Besides, creating awareness about health and hygiene in the school and village during the ceremony after the installations of the water pipelines and the tank is on the agenda too.

Help us to help the Kotila-6 village school and community.
Your donation -no matter the amount- will make a big difference.

Let´s be the changemaker.


Our annual ARTISTS FOR EDUCATION – festival backstage format will be aswell part of the fundraising.

We´ll keep you posted about the progress of the project.

Thank you,

Your Green Souls